Top 50 Nigeria Newspaper Online

The Nigerian news media has come a long way. Before the days of the internet, Nigerians deepened on the print media. The very first newspaper in Nigeria, referred to as Iwe Iroyin, was published shortly before Nigeria’s independence in 1960. Since then, a number of other newspapers had been established. Among the first ones were Daily Sketch and Concord newspapers.

However, entrant of the internet into the scene had since transformed the way Nigerians get informed. In times past, offline newspapers, radios and televisions were the source of information to Nigerians about happenings on both the local and foreign scenes. However, invention of the internet has taken things to the next level; many Nigerians now visit the internet to get information on various issues.

Many of the newspapers operating today have presence online. Consequently, Nigerians that have internet access prefer to read the news presented by these newspapers directly online. Many of the former newspapers established before the time of the internet have gone out of business and new ones have replaced many of them.

The internet has however been able to keep the new ones in business till date. This is because they have more exposure online than they could ever hope to have if they had depended only on print route to sell their brands.

Many of the Nigerian newspapers available online today still maintain consistent printing of hard copies. However, there are some of them that only concentrate on updating information on their websites without delving into print form of newspapers.

The online newspapers to be discussed below are not focused on providing breaking news alone; some of them are actually forums where Nigerians also get informed about issues in various fields of human endeavour. The efforts of these websites ensure Nigerians are up to date about the world around them.

Considering how very important information is, the online news sites mentioned below have been able to feed Nigerians with helpful information that ensure nothing passes around without Nigerians being aware of them.  Many of the online newspapers sites are so popular to the extent that even foreigners do visit them to get information about happenings in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians, who reside abroad, also have found these sites to be the right place to get informed about happenings at home. In short, these websites have become the connecting points for these Nigerians in Diaspora and it ensures they feel at home even when they are away from home (Nigeria).

It is very easy to access news of different kinds on these websites. The beauty of it is that you do not need to register as a member before you can read information they provide. Just visit their website and start accessing all available information. This is one factor that places the online newspapers above the print newspapers.  You may never be able to read any of the print newspapers if you do not pay to buy the papers. However, you can read the same set of information online and pay nothing for it.

The outlets providing the online newspapers to Nigerians are not running at a loss at all for giving information on their website free for Nigerians to access online. They too make money when you visit their websites.  They get more popular with increasing number of visitors on their websites. They equally sell advert spaces on their websites and they monetize these websites using various means.  At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for both the online newspapers and those that visit them to get information.

In this write-up, you will get to learn about the best 50 among Nigeria newspapers online.   They will be arranged in their order of popularity.

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