Read: Zoleka Mandela opens up on her body adventure

Read: Zoleka Mandela opens up on her body adventure

Zoleka Mandela took her fans through her body adventure and also dished out words to women who are ungrateful about their body.

In a lengthy note shared on Instagram, the mother of 5 said some women have bodies other women are willing to pay for but they still refuse to appreciate such body.

“Some women are just so ungrateful, yazi! 🙄 They have a body that so many women pay for but will still be so unhappy and complain.” She said.

Speaking in the third person, Zoleka referred to herself playfully as the “housewife of Northriding” and opened up about her body adventures.

“Take for instance, the #HouseWifeOfNorthriding … she went to her new dressmaker and when he measured her, her BUST size is 39, her WAIST is 33 and her HIP is 53 … she keeps going on and on about wanting her breasts to match her booty but this is actually a whole mother of 5!!! 🤣 She also heard that there’s a tree in Venda that is used to make women’s BREAST BIGGER and FULLER and wants to go to the tree … but she’s realized why her husband and plastic surgeon refused to make her BREAST IMPLANTS bigger, she’d obviously want to increase the size each time her booty grew!!! 😂 Her booty grows, yet she complains because she wants to be shaped like the letter S when she turns to the side,” Zoleka added. 

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Dear Housewife of Northriding, but you really do clean up well!!! 🤣 I can’t believe you’re turning 40 in 8 months time, cant’ believe that you’re an actual mother of 5!!! 🤗 Would they believe me if I told them that I survived alcoholism for 17 years, cocaine addiction for 10 years, how I survived sexual and physical abuse … They wouldn’t know it if they saw me like this, that I struggle with depression and have overcome suicidal thoughts and behaviour, that my low self esteem led me to believe that I would never amount to anything in life! I hope you’re watching this video and are reminded that our purpose in this life is indeed, directly tied to us being the remarkable, sexy, irreplaceable and women that we are!!! Wait … this is getting so serious, the post is actually about my new hair and how yummy and expensive I look in this dress that I hired!!! 😄 I wonder how many other women have worn it? 🤪 #38YrOldMotherOf5 #HouseWifeOfNorthriding #MrsBashalaVideos

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Source: Read: Zoleka Mandela opens up on her body adventure.

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