Da L.E.S slams rape accusation made against him

Da L.E.S slams rape accusation made against him

Rapper Da L.E.S reacts to rape accusations made against him on social media.

The past days has being hot on the street of mzansi which has triggered every female figure speaking their buried truths which hurts, on sexual harrasment, rape and other maltreatment received from the opposite sex.

In the spirit of that, the rapper was called out by an unknown woman on how he forced himself on her.

Da L.E.S took to Twitter slamming the claim, saying he would never do such a thing and he also raised his voice in support of every woman protesting.

“Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I was accused of something so unthinkable and was unable to respond (because the allegations were made by an anonymous source with no specifics),” he tweeted.

“The only possible response I can have is that I would never, and have never, forced myself on any woman.”

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