Bonnie Mbuli in trouble after criticizing Sho Madjozi

Bonnie Mbuli in trouble after criticizing Sho Madjozi

Actress Bonnie Mbuli has once again found herself in hot water after trolling at the award winning singer, Sho Madjozi.

The past one week hasn’t been the best in SA due to the heart breaking incidents which has triggered lots of mzansi women voicing out on social media and on the streets.

Sho joined the many women voicing against the attacks using series of tweets but Bonnie dropped a bomb on Twitter against Sho’s tweets, saying:

“What about the fact that these are not your words,” Bonnie wrote, before posting a meme with the caption, “It’s obvious when your mainstream faves are tweeting think threads on current issues written by their PR team”, Bonnie tweeted.

The singer was amazed with the “insensitive” words from Bonnie, so she responded:

“I am confused, Bonnie. What do you mean?”

“You have to reflect on why you think a young African woman can’t write for herself. Don’t know if it’s internalized racism, sexism or what? I have a degree in African studies and creative writing, and also you don’t know me, so this is very weird,” she wrote in a message to Bonnie.

After reactions from Sho, Twitter users dragged Bonnie to the point that the actress had to deactivate her Twitter account.

Which means Bonnie doesn’t exist on Twitter anymore.

Check out tweeps reactions below:

Source: Bonnie Mbuli in trouble after criticizing Sho Madjozi.

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